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Tomorrow Is Not Promised
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October 21

Nashville, TN. USA

Kayshyne - Mental Telepathy

Kayshyne - Life Source

Kayshyne - Tomorrow Is Not Promised




Kayshyne, began her music career in Nashville,TN. Releasing her 1st Demo with MBMG studios mid 2015. Which landed her several performances throughout the Nashville area. Including venues such as Baja Grill with One Hundred Magazine, and Venue 109 with Sky Ferrari and Timebank productions. Kayshyne is currently still residing in Nashville, TN. She teamed up with Kamaal Malak (formerly with the group Arrested Development), on the release of her new EP "The Introduction".

Kayshyne hopes to touch the souls of her fans on an international level, with her unique style and rapid-fire lyrical flow. With inspirations from a variation of different genres, including Hip-hop, Pop, R&B, Rock, Funk, Neo soul, Gospel and EDM. When asked what is her favorite style of music to create? She replied, "I just love creating good music. I hope to create a sound that all people can vibe with and enjoy". As this is the beginning, it is surely not the end of Kayshyne. As she is just taking the first steps, into her indie journey. Stay tuned!

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